Electronic Security System

We design, build, supply, install, and maintain a wide range of modern security devices. These include ID card printing, burglar alarms supported with central alarm monitoring system, Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) surveillance, x-ray & metal screening, and electronic guard tour, Intruder Detection System (IDS), Access and Egress Control System (AECS), and Fence Intruder Detection System. We are also in the process of expanding our selection to other advanced devices such as biometric reader and intelligent video analytics.

Our experts in security device also provide consultation for proper security system to apply and also advise the most efficient way to integrate devices into client’s existing security system. They provide information and required training to ensure that all devices in application will give maximum benefits to clients.



In fast-changing technology development, Nawakara Security System will continue to develop our security device technology selection through cooperation with major international security device provider and increase internal knowledge on new and emerging electronic device technology.