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Chief Executive Officer

Nawakara is committed to becoming a leading security company with complete range of services that delivers service excellence which creates benefit for stakeholder and continuously moving forward. This commitment is built on four pillars, each of which is equally important and need to be established in harmonious manner.

The company must first establish a marketing strategy focused on precise market segment expansion and complete range of services in facing free market to optimize earning.On operation front, the company will then have to possess the ability to provide a complete range of services with optimal performance, efficient cost, and service excellence to obtain customer satisfaction.

Moreover, the business that the company undertakes should be able to provide healthy return and benefit for the company’sshareholders. Thus, stringent financialmanagement should be carried out with best compliance in mind.

Understanding that human resource is one of the most valuable assets to the company, Nawakara strives to increase sustainable human resource quality through basic mentality and competency improvement and good implementation of human resource system. These efforts are aimed at promoting conducive work environment to create integrated and optimized human resource empowerment.

In the entire operational aspects and service delivery in particular, Nawakara and its people consistently uphold the best practice and compliance which are shared with its internal and external shareholders.

Ir. Dino Bimadwinanda Hindarto ICPS
Chief Executive Officer