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About Us

PT Nawakara Perkasa Nusantara was established on 9 November 1996 by a group of 9th batch graduates of National Police Academy. It is a privately-owned company that offers a wide range of security services. The name of Nawakara serves as our respect to the roots of the company’s founding fathers. It is derived from Sanskrit words, where Nawa means number 9 (nine) while Kara means police force.

In 2012, to create a distinct identity for our brand, we established the brand Nawakara Security Solutions which represents our commitment to providing a complete range of services to our client and an integrated approach to security solutions that we recommend.

Nawakara Security Solutions has established an international reputation as a leading Indonesian security company well known for its ability in upholding standards required by our clients.

In keeping pace with globalization, Nawakara Security Solutions is not only establishing strategy to maintain our service excellence but also to continue innovate both in product development and increasing internal capabilities to provide better services for our clients.

Currently, Nawakara Security is in the process of establishing a strategic cooperation with international partner in global security industry to expand our range of services. The implementation of information technology system is also continuously developed to create efficient and effective operation.

With our headquarter in Jakarta, Nawakara operates 24/7 with 10,000 staff to support the operation. Meanwhile, our regional offices across the nation enable Nawakara to provide more efficient and effective service delivery for our clients in all regions.