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Batang PLTU Power Plant Project Security and Staff Assists Mushola Construction

Author: Nawakara Admin

Date : 14 July 2020

Batang – Nawakara personnel and staff that worked at the Batang Power Plant Project collect funds to donate to the Nurul Huda Mushola Prosperity Board (DKM) in Karanggeneng Village, Tulis District, Batang Regency, Central Java. 

"This is a form of our (Nawakara's) gratitude and support for the community and the environment that has supported our work so far," said I Nengah Sugiarta, Head of the Batang Power Plant Project on Monday (13/7). 

This donation has been planned since June 2020 and finally realized in July 2020. Hopefully, the donation provided by Nawakara can help the development process of the mosque so that worship activities, recitation, Al-Quran Education Park (TPQ) for children, and other worship activities can run smoothly. 

I Nengah Sugiarta, Head of the Batang Power Plant Project explained that this activity held to maintain good relations with the community and local government element, who have supported Nawakara to work well and maximally in securing operational activities in the largest Electric Steam Power Plant Project in Southeast Asia.