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Cilacap Police Chief Appreciates Nawakara Team at Cilacap Power Plant Project

Author: Nawakara Admin

Date : 08 June 2020

Cilacap – Nawakara's Cilacap Power Plant Project Manager Bambang Hermanto along with the team and Chairman of the 19th COVID Task Force at Cilacap Power Plant Zamzam and the team accompanied the Cilacap Police Chief, AKBP Derry Agung Wijaya along with the ranks of the Cilacap Power Plant, Tuesday (2/6). This visit was in order to give appreciation to the Cilacap Power Plant which had carried out the COVID-19 Dissemination Protocol Procedure very well in its work area.

"The Cilacap Power Plant has been very good in carrying out the COVID-19 protocol in its work area. We are grateful to the Nawakara Security personnel who have been active in delivering the message in accordance with procedures," said the Cilacap Police Chief.

Nawakara Security Personnel who are tasked with maintaining security in the area of the Cilacap Power Plant carry out security task procedures by the PAM SOPs and carry out the COVID-19 protocol according to the rules of the government simultaneously.

In line with that, GM RO Bandung Nasirun T. Dinata continues to remind the personnel on duty in all Bandung RO Projects to not be afraid to carry out their duties in any situation. Keep the enthusiasm, sincereness, trustworthiness, and professionalism to follow, run, appeal to employees, or guests at each project is related to the work protocol during this COVID-19 period.