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Nawakara Team Successfully Captures Plots of Pipe Thieves

Author: Nawakara Admin

Date : 18 May 2020

Bengkalis – The Nawakara Security Team that in charge of the Chevron Pacific Indonesia Project (CPI), together with the 125 Bengkalis Office's  Buser team successfully arrested 6 people that suspected of stealing P3 pipes in the Pematang Obo Village, Bathin Solapan District, Bengkalis Regency, Riau, on Tuesday (12/5).

Project Manager Nawakara RO Pekanbaru, Abdul Wahab said, the Nawakara Security team in collaboration with the Bengkalis Police Buser team also managed to secure some evidence. 

"The arrest of 6 people suspected to be the perpetrators of the theft is the result of solid coordination with the ABB team and the Tanah Putih Sector Police," Abdul Wahab said.

Abdul Wahab recounted, that earlier in April the Nawakara Security team already had suspicions about the movements of several people around the CPI work area, and this week the Nawakara Security team succeeded in developing the theft process and arresting the perpetrators.

“In this arrest the team succeeded in securing dozens of pieces of iron pipe including a four-wheeled vehicle believed to be the blue Zebra Pickup Car around the Milestone 8. The suspects had been secured in the Bengkalis Police Office BKO Buser 125 Office for further processing," Wahab explained.