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Nawakara Assigned 50 Personnels at Lovefest Music Concert

Author: Nawakara Admin

Date : 25 February 2020

Jakarta – Nawakara Event Security secures a music concert entitled A Love Experience Festival “Lovefest” 2020.  The event by Berlian Entertainment took place at Istora Senayan, Jakarta on February 21-22,  2020.

In this event Nawakara put 50 personnels, 5 as coordinators and the rest as security teams. At the main gate, 10 personnels are assigned to perform body checks and crowd control. Another 10 personnels are assigned to check visitor tickets at each venue’s door to ensure they are at the right entrance. For securing the main gate 15 personnels are assigned to do this. And, 10 other personnels are assigned to secure the artist room at backstage.

“First of all the visitor must switch their printed ticket into a wristband, and then the security staff will perform body checks and bag checks, and then scan barcode on the wristband. If there any trouble with the wristband our troubleshooter team will fix it up. If all clear, the visitors are allowed to enter foyer area where they can enjoy any kind of entertainment, games, and f&b at food court before the show begins," said Sandi Fitriansyah, Nawakara Event Security Coordinator.

Sandi explained that the venue entrance door will be opened one hour before the show. The visitor will be directed by crew and security member to go to the right entrance according to the ticket category.

At that event, thousands of people were come to see the performance from Noah, Rossa, Tulus, Glenn Fredly, Reza Artamevia, Gigi, Yovie & Arsyi Widianto, Marion Jola, Andmesh, and others.