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2020, Nawakara Focuses on Improving Security Services

Author: Nawakara Admin

Date : 31 December 2019

Jakarta – Closing the end of 2019 PT Nawakara Perkasa Nusantara (Nawakara) held the "Nawakara Year-End Gathering 2019" which was held at the Financial Club Jakarta, South Jakarta, Friday (20/12). The event was attended by all managerial ranks from both the head office and regional office. As a company engaged in the security system industry, Nawakara continues to be committed to improving services to all clients especially in 2020.
President Director of Nawakara H.M. Hindarto said gratitude to all managerial ranks and all Nawakara employees who worked hard in 2019 so that Nawakara could continue to be consistent in providing security services to all clients.
"Thank you for all those who have worked hard in 2019," H.M. Hindarto said in his remarks.
One of the agendas in the activities of "Nawakara Year-End Gathering 2019" is giving a presentation related to the "Integrated Monitoring Concept for Security Guarding Industry" delivered by Senior Advisor of the Indonesian Security System Industry Association (Aiskindo) Darwin Lestari Tan. In his presentation, he conveyed the need for innovation in the service of security systems both in terms of human capital and technology systems, because in this digital era the transformation of the security system is increasingly advanced, especially technology systems.
"At present, the development of the security system is advancing. In this all-digital era, security forces have used a lot of technology. So there need to be innovations made by companies engaged in the security industry to remain consistent in providing the best service for the people of Indonesia," Darwin explained.
Darwin added the evolution of security in this century continues to transform. In the future, humans will only become security operators, technology systems that will work. Therefore we must keep up with the changing times by innovating so that it can continue to develop so that the security of human labor can be in line with the security of technological systems.
In line with Darwin Lestari Tan's departure, CEO of Nawakara Dino Hindarto agreed. With innovation, companies can keep up with the times. "I agree with Mr. Darwin's presentation, we must be ready to face changes and be ready to innovate so that we can continue to survive," he said.

Dino Hindarto added, in 2020 Nawakara will focus on several matters related to business processes and data, to improve services to Nawakara's clients.