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Protect Yourself from Cyber Attacks

Author: Nawakara Admin

Date : 29 March 2019

Photo : Nawakara

The world was alarmed when a ransomware virus called WannaCry attacked virtual systems around the globe in May 2017. Windows-based systems without the latest security software became the target.

When a system got attacked, the system owner was not able to operate the computers connected to it. The hacker demanded for ransom money to be paid for the system to be released.

What also shocked the world was the extent of the attack, which affected systems from America to Indonesia. Victims were mostly organizations that have network systems such as corporations, factories, and hospitals whose operations were paralyzed as the result of such a malicious act.

Dharmais Hospital was a victim of Wannacry in Indonesia. The attack happened on Saturday, 13 May 2017 at5 AM.

The hospital’s operations were hindered, as the malware attacked the patients’ queueing system. In France, according to The Verge, the virus forced auto company Renault to shut down some of its plants. The UK security services alleged a hacker in North Korea as the perpetrator behind the attack. Their intelligence report also led to US intelligence to come to the same conclusion.

On 6 September 2018, the US government charged and convicted Park Jin Hyok for the crime of aWannaCry cyber-attack in May 2017. Park did have a key role in the crime and was allegedly a member of the Lazarus Group – an organization of hackers in North Korea.

While cyber-attacks could take many forms and means, there are also ways to prevent them.

To protect ourselves and prevent unwanted losses, always use up-to-date security software. Create data backups regularly and monitor your system security condition.

For businesses, consider engaging qualified IT consultancy services that can carry out system assessments. As specialists, they can determine whether you’re already sufficiently protected or if there are gaps you need to address.

Most importantly, in an era where everything is digitally connected, we need to be aware of the threats around us because a cyber-attack may happen anytime.