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Nawakara’s Employees’ Performance Recognized with Gold Certification and Special Awards

Author: Nawakara Admin

Date : 30 January 2019

Recognizing the hard work of its staff in the 4DX program in 2018, on Saturday (12/1) Nawakara presented Gold Certification appreciation to a number of employees at Padepokan Rajawali, South Tangerang. 

The event, held in conjunction with the company’s New Year’s gathering and the kick start of a new program in 2019, was attended by the Board of Commissioners, Directors, and Head Office staff members. Commissioner Chico Hindarto, President Director H.M. Hindarto, CEO Dino Bimadwinanda Hindarto, CAO Chiquita Hindarto, CSO Wiryawan Isjwara, CFO Simon Menggolo and COO Juliansyah Anwar were among the attendees that day. 

In his remarks, HM Hindarto as the President Director of PT Nawakara Perkasa Nusantara expressed his appreciation to all of Nawakara’s employees for their dedication. “This is a start of a special year and a start for the better. The first step is always important, and so I believe our next steps will be even greater,” he said.

H.M. Hindarto also reminded how Nawakara, going for its 23rd year, could be regarded as the pioneer in Indonesia’s security industry. Nawakara was established when security works were perceived negatively by the public at the time, he said, but over the years, Nawakara consistently advocates otherwise and increases the recognition of the public towards the industry.

CEO of Nawakara Dino Bimadwinanda Hindarto similarly conveyed his recognition. “I’m proud of everything we have accomplished. Nevertheless, there will tougher challenges going forward. But I believe they can be easily overcame if we work together and as one,” Dino said in his remarks.

He added how the 4DX program has visibly changed the behavior and mindset of Nawakara’s employees. “The scoreboard clearly shows this, all unit showing upward trend. The change is apparent in all aspects within just a short period of time. I highly value this achievement,” said he.

Most of Nawakara’s employees received the Gold Certification that day, presented directly by members of the Board of Directors. The Gold Certification was received by those who had successfully achieved their Wildly Important Goals. In addition, Nawakara also presented special awards to the best teams of 2018.

The Special Awards recipients are Valentinus Alfa Dionny (IT Network & Infrastructure Section Head) from Highest Focus category, Bandung Nugroho (Treasury Dept. Head) from Strongest Leverage category, Rezki Taufani Poetry (Operation Planning & Performance Dept. Head) from Highest Creativity category, Piere Malindir (GM RO Surabaya) from Highest Commitment category, and Kemas Irwansyah (Compensation & Benefit Section Head) from Most Fearless Team category.