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Nawakara Holds Fire Fighting Anticipation Training

Author: Nawakara Admin

Date : 07 September 2021

Bandung – PT Nawakara Perkasa Nusantara (Nawakara) together with PT Akur Pratama in the Grand Yogya Kepatihan area (Project GYK) held a Fire Fighting Anticipation Training for Nawakara Security personnel assigned to Project GYK. The training was held on Thursday (26/8) at the Rooftop Lt. 6 Grand Yogya Kepatihan, Bandung City, which was attended by 35 personnel under the responsibility of Danru Project GYK, M. Anwar Sanusi.
“To prevent fire occurrences and reduce their impact, an adequate level of knowledge about fire is required. Therefore, we carry out this training for security personnel who are the frontline in security in the community, especially the work area," said General Manager of RO Bandung, Nasirun Toha Dinata.
The target of this training is for personnel to understand the importance of fire prevention efforts beyond their prevention efforts, such as identifying fire hazard factors, how to extinguish fires at the beginning of a fire, evacuating people or goods, and how to coordinate with relevant agencies, as well as securing fire locations.

In this simulation, apart from being presented about things that can cause fires and teaching how to handle fires correctly and appropriately and how to use tools to be used to extinguish fires, it is also an introduction to the tools used during fires, both traditional and traditional. and modern in this case APAR (Light Fire Extinguisher) and how to use it.
“This training is very important and needed by all security personnel. Many factors can accelerate the occurrence of fire or fire hazards and even explosions, these factors are sometimes neglected by most people, even though fire prevention efforts are easier and cheaper than efforts to overcome them," said Nasirun.