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Nawakara Security Personnel Hand in Hand Clean the House of Worship

Author: Nawakara Admin

Date : 13 August 2021

Padang – Security personnel Semen Padang Project (RO Pekanbaru) worked together to clean the environment of the Nurul Iman Mosque in Karang Putih Village, Batu Gadang District, Padang City, West Sumatra, Wednesday (11/8). A total of 21 personnel with the command of Deputy Chief Security, Andi Syahputra and Danton Squad, Ade Syahputra worked hand in hand to clean all areas of the mosque, both the outside and the inside.
Semen Padang Project Leader, Fris Boy said, as a form of corporate social responsibility in the Semen Padang Project work area, it is the obligation of Nawakara Security personnel to protect and help the community.
“This is our commitment to pay attention to residents around the Project, especially houses of worship that are used by residents every day. This activity is a monthly program that we carry out to clean public facilities belonging to residents,” said Fris.

The head of the local RT, Iqbal, appreciated and thanked Nawakara for the social activities carried out. He said that these activities can be carried out and maintained, because so far no one has done it, especially in Karang Putih Village.
Fris welcomed Iqbal's appreciation and thanked him for his attention. “The residents' response was so warm, even though they were not involved, the residents prepared drinks and food for the personnel voluntarily. In line with Pak Iqbal's message, of course this will be our concern as the program we will run every month," said Fris.