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Nawakara, TNI and POLRI HoldsBomb Recognition Activities and Security Competence

Author: Nawakara Admin

Date : 04 August 2021

Aceh – Nawakara Project PHR Rantau Field Aceh Tamiang (RO Pekanbaru) and TNI-POLRI held Bomb Recognition and Security Competence activities for members of the Nawakara security and TNI-POLRI members. They carried out the activity at the Pertamina Hulu Rokan Complex, Rantau District, Aceh Tamiang Regency, Aceh, Tuesday (3/8).
The Head of the PHR Rantau Field Aceh Tamiang Project, Bahron Siregar, said the purpose of this activity was to understand and improve the technical competence of security. Besides that, the activities order substances for security officers who play a role and carry out security duties and functions in the community.

"The material presented was wealthy, in addition to basic knowledge for security regarding handcuff drills and stick drills, it was also conveyed about the TPTKP of explosives. Of course, this material is essential for the Security Guard and TNI-POLRI who are on duty anywhere. Especially for those who serve in vital national objects (Obvitnas)/particular objects. They must be able to provide more precise and directed security measures for UNRAS and Bomb Terror incidents, "explained Bahron.

84 people attended the Bomb Recognition and Security Competence activity, 30 of whom were members of the Nawakara Security Council. The rest were members of the TNI-POLRI. "Hopefully, this activity can explore the potential of the members and developing each individual's ability to be able to support the progress of the Nawakara security team and organization," said Bahron.