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Nawakara Security Personnel Receives "Security Officer of The Month" Award

Author: Nawakara Admin

Date : 28 July 2021

Malang – Security personnel of Nawakara Project BAT Malang (RO Multisite), Firman Fauzi, received the "Security Officer of The Month" award from the management of PT BAT-Indonesia Tbk. The award was given for his action to thwart the theft perpetrators in the Malang BAT Project work area on Sunday (13/6). The award was handed over directly by the Head of Security BAT Malang, Shane Harden, to Firman Fauzi at the Lobby Office of the Department of Security Operations BAT Malang, Monday (26/7).
Sharen Harden said that the award given to Nawakara Security personnel was a proof of appreciation and gratitude for the performance given by Nawakara Security personnel in the field. "We hope that the award given to Nawakara Security personnel can encourage or spur all other Security personnel to maintain consistency in carrying out tasks according to existing SOPs," he said.
Separately, Rinaldi as Project Leader of BAT Malang representing Nawakara management, expressed his gratitude to the management of PT BAT-Indonesia Tbk for the appreciation given to Nawakara through Firman Fauzi as Nawakara Security personnel.

"We will continue to improve the competence of personnel so that they are more optimal and professional in carrying out their duties as a security team. In the future, it will not only thwart the theft but also solve bigger problems," said Rinaldi.
With this award, Rinaldi feels that the hard work of security personnel is appreciated and recognized by the Clients, especially PT BAT-Indonesia Tbk, and motivation for Nawakara to maintain and improve performance becomes even better.