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Sacrificial Nawakara: Distribute Cows and Goats in 4 Provinces

Author: Nawakara Admin

Date : 22 July 2021

Jakarta – Eid al-Adha 1442 H / 2021 is different from previous years, but even so, PT Nawakara Perkasa Nusantara (Nawakara) continues to carry out sacrificial activities in several areas. Activities are carried out while still following the regulations for implementing qurban during the PPKM period launched by the government.

Nawakara's Corporate Secretary, Chiquita Paramita Hindarto, said that Nawakara's sacrificial activities were spread across several regions in Indonesia this year. "According to the data submitted this year, there are four Regional Offices that carry out sacrifices, namely RO Balikpapan, RO Surabaya, RO Pekanbaru, and RO Jakarta," said Chiquita.

Some sacrificial cows and goats have been distributed to the surrounding community through the Neighborhood Association (RT) representatives, administrators of the mosque, and Islamic boarding school on Monday (19/7). The following are the Nawakara Projects in 4 Provinces that carry out sacrificial activities:

RO Balikpapan distributes goat sacrifices through Project BUMA-SDJ, Project KCP-UT, and Project PAMA-Thiess. Each sacrificial animal was handed over by a representative of Nawakara, BUMA-SDJ's Chief Security Project, Jamaluddin Irbah, to each of the sacrificial administrators in Ds. Banyan Sari, Kec. Angsana, Land of Spices, South Kalimantan. The sacrificial animals were distributed to the Nurul Hidayah Mosque, Nurul Huda Mosque, and the Sangatta Taqwa Islamic Boarding School.

Through the PLTU Batang Project, RO Surabaya handed over the sacrificial animals of Cows and Goats to the Baitul Mukhsini Mosque Prosperity Council (DKM) in Dukuh Sumur, Ds. Ujungnegoro, Kec. Kandeman, Batang, Central Java. Sacrificial animals were handed over by Nawakara, Harmoko, to the Sacrifice Committee, Nuryanto, and Ustadz Surono.

Through Project EMP Bentu Ltd (RO Pekanbaru), RO Pekanbaru handed over the sacrificial cattle to the An-Nur Mosque Sacrificial Committee located on Jl. RAPP Corridor, Kec. Langgam, Pekanbaru, Riau. The Sacrificial Animals were handed over directly by the Nawakara representative, Ferdinand, to the Sacrificial Committee of the An-Nur Mosque.

Through the Jakarta MRT Project, RO Jakarta handed over the sacrificial goats to the management of RT 02, Kel. Pulo, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta (work area of Blok A MRT Station) and to the management of Al-Mujahidin Mosque, South Gandaria, South Jakarta (work area of Cipete Raya MRT Station). The Sacrificial Animals were handed over directly by the MRT Jakarta Project Leader, Iskandar Zulkarnain, to the management of RT 02, Ali, accompanied by the Security Department Head of MRT Jakarta, Andi S. and the administrator of the Al-Mujahidin Mosque, M. Amirudin.

Nawakara is very grateful because, during the COVID-19 Pandemic, he was still able to carry out sacrificial activities to share happiness with those in need, especially in the vicinity of the Nawakara Project work area. "Hopefully, what we share today can help the community and can continue to be done every year," said Chiquita.