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Project Manager Nawakara Receives "Best Leader" Award

Author: Nawakara Admin

Date : 19 July 2021

Padang – Nawakara Project Manager Fris Boy, who served in the Semen Padang Project (RO Pekanbaru), received an award as "Best Leader" from the management of PT Semen Padang. The award was handed over directly by the Head of the Security Unit of PT Semen Padang, AKBP Rosmawi SH., to Fris Boy at the Security Office of PT Semen Padang, Padang, West Sumatra, Monday (12/7).
Fris Boy welcomes the appreciation received. "I continue to give the best to my clients, build good communication, and instill loyalty in my work; of course, it will produce good things for clients and also for Nawakara," said Fris.
General Manager of RO Pekanbaru, Ermansyah, assessed that the appreciation received by Fris Boy was due to his very good contribution to clients. "This is not the first time that Mr. Fris has received an appreciation. He previously received the same award while serving as PM in the ANJAS Project. I hope this can be a motivation for other PMs to give their best performance," said Ermansyah.

The Best Leader award given by the management of PT Semen Padang aims to appreciate Nawakara, who has provided the best service to the Semen Padang Project. "Since Nawakara became part of the Semen Padang Project, many changes have been made, both the theft and loss rates which are still zero, as well as the orderliness of employees and contractors who enter the Semen Padang Mine area," said AKBP Rosmawi SH.

Fris Boy advised that the Nawakara team must consider two things: providing clients with a sense of security and comfort. "We have to provide security in any situation in the workplace, without any disturbance from the surrounding community in the area where the security unit will create a sense of comfort for clients and allow them to focus on work," concluded Fris.