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Nawakara Security Personnel Receive Award From Client

Author: Nawakara Admin

Date : 25 June 2021

Padang – Nawakara's Semen Padang Project Security personnel received awards for handling theft cases in the Semen Padang Project area in January and March 2021. The awards were handed over by the Unit Head of PT Semen Padang, AKBP. Rosmawi. He was accompanied by the Nawakara Pekanbaru Regional Manager, Ramli, during the Joint Apple Ceremony at the Semen Padang GOR, Padang, West Sumatra, Friday (18/6).

The first award was received by Danru Area SP II Mining – Semen Padang Project, Danil Syamsual Margareno. He managed to thwart the theft of 90 liters of diesel oil in the mining area on March 1, 2021, as well as an appreciation for his good attitude and performance while on duty at the Semen Padang Project.

Meanwhile, Wadanru Area SP III Port – Semen Padang Project, Rudi Salam received an award for his action in catching the theft of a charity box at the Bukit Putus Warehouse Bag Factory Mosque Padang City on January 1, 2021. He was also appreciated for his good attitude and performance while on duty in Semen Padang Project.

As the Pekanbaru Regional Manager, Ramli feels proud and appreciates the actions and performance of the Nawakara Security personnel. He considers the actions of the two to be a good example for other personnel. 

"For colleagues who have not received awards, keep improving your performance. So, you can have a chance at the next moment. Make this a motivation that can increase work productivity," said Ramli.

The aim of These awards was to motivate all functions. From Project management to members, to understand the basic responsibilities as a security unit, namely protecting and securing the work environment and surroundings, maintaining security and order, and avoiding violation of rules in the Semen Padang II Project and III scopes of work.