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Nawakara Batang Power Plant Project Helps the Elderly

Author: Nawakara Admin

Date : 10 March 2021

Batang – The COVID-19 pandemic is still hitting Indonesia. Not a few Indonesian people are affected by the economic impact, especially in the small community. As a sense of concern for each other, Nawakara Project PLTU Batang (RO Surabaya) assists the elderly who live in Ujungnegoro Village, Kandeman District, and Wonokerso Village, Tulis District, Batang Regency, Central Java, Monday (9/3).
The Head of the Batang PLTU Project, I Nengah Sugiarta, explained that the assistance was given as a form of Nawakara's concern, especially during the Pandemic period. "There are 4 elderly that we help, we each give cash and groceries. They are residents who live in the work area of the Batang PLTU Project," said Nengah.
Nengah continued, one of the elderly is Ibu Turah. Apart from getting assistance from Nawakara, he also received additional house renovation assistance from the Batang Regency government program because her house's condition was no longer suitable for habitation. The house renovation process will be carried out soon by the Batang Power Plant security project personnel, village officials, and residents.
The Head of Ujungnegoro Urban Village, Absah Erfiana, expressed his gratitude for the assistance and contribution provided by Nawakara. "We, on behalf of the residents, thank Nawakara  who have given attention and assistance to our residents, so that the benefits can be felt. Hopefully this can become a field of worship for Nawakara colleagues," said Absah.
Nengah hopes that Nawakara can consistently carry out this activity to help the Batang Power Plant Project community. "With this activity, apart from being able to foster the attitude and social spirit of fellow security personnel in Nawakara so that they care more about others, they can also help those who are in need," he concluded.