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Nawakara Security Personnel Collaborates with the Community to Build a Mosque

Author: Nawakara Admin

Date : 19 October 2020

Batang – The PLTU Batang (RO Surabaya) project deployed 53 security personnel to work together with the community and members of the TNI Kodim/0736 in the construction of the Fadlu Rochman Mosque in Klidang Wetan Village, Batang District, Batang Regency, Central Java, Saturday (17/10).

I Nengah Sugiarta, Head of Batang Power Plant Project, explained that the purpose of the cooperation in the construction of this mosque is to provide role models for all residents around the Project. Through this activity, Nawakara invites the public to always carry out activities that are beneficial to social life. This is following one of the strengths of Nawakara, Community Based Security.

Community-Based Security is a strength for Nawakara in dealing with the community, with the formation of Community-Based Security in each project, it can form a harmonious relationship between Nawakara and the surrounding community, one of which is through the mutual assistance to build a mosque carried out by the Batang PLTU Project.

"The hope for the surrounding community is that this activity can introduce Nawakara to a wider audience. Because Nawakara security does not only work for the security of a project, but Nawakara also plays an active role in social activities in the community around the Project, with the slogan "Ngewongke Wong" which means to humanize humans," said I Nengah.

Chairman of the DKM Fadlu Rochman Mosque, Ustadz Hafis expressed his appreciation for the cooperation carried out by Nawakara and the community and members of the TNI. He also thanked Nawakara for always providing support and attention to the community around the Project, especially the residents of Klidang Wetan Village.

"We love and are greatly helped by the support and attention of Nawakara during the construction process of the Fadlu Rochman Mosque, I hope this mosque can be completed quickly and can be immediately used to fill it safely and comfortably," said Hafis.