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Pekanbaru Regional Office Reliable Work Team

Author: Nawakara Admin

Date : 15 September 2020

Pekanbaru – Friday, 11 September 2020 is a historic day for RO Pekanbaru because it is the first anniversary for the team, standing as the Nawakara representative office for Sumatra and its surroundings.

Ermansyah, General Manager of Pekanbaru Regional Office, conveyed his feelings for the one year anniversary of RO Pekanbaru. "We need to be grateful for this, RO Pekanbaru's first-year journey can run well in providing support to projects and services to clients," he said at the Pekanbaru regional office building, Riau, Friday (11/9).

There were many challenges in the first year operation of RO Pekanbaru. one of which was the work team was relatively new. It became a challenge for Ermansyah to form a good team.

“I positioned myself as a parent, brother, and friend in front of the team. We always maintain togetherness such as do joint sports and others. Each team is given clear assignments and targets. I will provide support to the team to complete their tasks, ”explained Ermansyah.

In its first year, Pekanbaru Regional Office managed to uncover 33 robbery cases with 93 perpetrators caught. In disclosing this case, Nawakara personnel collaborated with the local police.

In the future, Ermansyah will maintain and improve the performance and report cards of the team in the Sumatra region by preparing a reliable work team in projects, ranging from mobilization, project monitoring, and client engagement.