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Barring the Covid-19 Spread, Nawakara Distributes Free Masks

Author: Nawakara Admin

Date : 11 September 2020

Batang – PT Nawakara Perkasa Nusantara (Nawakara) through the Batang Power Plant Project (Surabaya Regional Office) supports the Government programs related to regulations on Law Enforcement of Discipline and Law Enforcement of Health Protocols in Controlling Covid-19, by organizing free masks distribution for community surround, at the Pendopo Balai Desa Ujungnegoro, Kandeman District, Batang Regency, Central Java Province, Thursday (10/9).

The Head of the Batang Power Plant Project, I Nengah Sugiarta, said that the distribution of free masks was the result of cooperation between Nawakara and the Batang Police. In addition to distributing free masks, Nawakara and the Batang Police conducted socialization regarding the importance of wearing masks during the Covid -19 pandemic.

"We see that there are still many people who are not aware of the dangers of Covid-19 on human health, so Nawakara acts to provide a real example to the surrounding community about the uses and benefits of wearing masks for health," said I Nengah.

I Nengah continued, as many as 6,000 masks were distributed to the public. Nawakara donated 1,000 masks and Batang Police contributed 5,000 masks which were distributed to 3 villages namely Ujungnegoro, Karanggeneng, and Ponowareng. It's hoped that this activity can be useful to raise public awareness about the importance of wearing masks as an effort to fight the rapid spread of Covid-19 in the environment around the 2 X 1000 MW Batang Power Plant Project.

On this occasion, the Deputy Regent of Batang, Suyono, S.IP., M.Si, along with Kapolres Batang AKBP Edwin Louis Sengka, Dandim 0736 / Batang Lieutenant Colonel Inf. Dwison Evianto, SH., M.Han, Kapolsek Tulis AKP Aguswin, Danramil Tulis Captain Pirno, Head of Kandeman Subdistrict Dwi Riyanto, Camat Tulis Wawan, Head of Ujungnegoro Village, Head of Karanggeneng Village, Head of Ponowareng Village, Community Figures, and Local Communities.

Kapolres Batang AKBP Edwin Louis Sengka thanked Nawakara for his contribution by donating 1,000 masks as a form of concern for the community around the  2 X 1000 MW Batang Power Plant Project. "I thank Nawakara. I hope this positive activity can be carried out together," said Edwin.

On a separate occasion, the Head of Ujungnegoro Village, Abash Erviana SH, expressed his gratitude for Nawakara's concern for his residents so far. "Nawakara has provided many useful programs every month, every year starting with the distribution of monthly alms, assistance for Koran teachers at TPQ, house renovations, and now the distribution of free masks. Thank you Nawakara,” said Abash sincerely.