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Nawakara Cooperates with Dandim 0736/Batang to Plant Hundreds of Mango and Klengkeng Tree Seeds

Author: Nawakara Admin

Date : 21 August 2020

Batang – PT Nawakara Perkasa Nusantara (Nawakara) through the Batang Power Plant Project (RO Surabaya) collaborates with Kodim 0736/Batang to plant tree seedlings in H. Nur's vacant land in Ujungnegoro Village, Kandeman District, Batang Regency, Central Java, Thursday (20/8). This action is carried out to support the Go Green program which is always being intensified by the government with the theme "THE ENVIRONMENT CARES MOVEMENT".

A total of 110 Thai Kiojay Mango seedlings and 149 Super Crystal Klengkeng seedlings were prepared to be planted together. Planting tree seedlings were attended by the Project Leader of PLTU Batang I Nengah Sugiarta along with personnel, Dandim 0736/Batang Lt. Col. Inf. Dwison Evianto and his members, Danramil 12/Batang Kapten Inf. Supirno, Muspika of Kandeman District, H. Nur as the owner of the land, and the surrounding community.

I Nengah Sugiarta explained that the movement involving Kodim 0736/Batang is a form of mutual concern for the communities affected by the Batang PLTU Project, with the aim of preparing natural air filters for people whose houses are directly adjacent to the guardrail of the Batang PLTU Project.

"We are very proud because we can collaborate with Forkopimda in this activity, and it will have a positive impact on the residents around Ujungnegoro Village," said I Nengah.

Meanwhile, Lt. Col. Inf. Dwison Evianto conveyed that the planting of mango and klengkeng tree seedlings was a positive activity. He was grateful for the cooperation established with Nawakara, and advised the residents that all the trees planted were well maintained and cared for until they were large so that when they bear fruit they can be reaped.

"This is a very positive collaboration, for that, let's increase the synergy between agencies in Batang Regency. This movement to care for the environment will benefit all of us, especially for residents in Ujungnegoro Village,” said Dwison.

Separately, H. Nur as the owner of the land expressed his deepest gratitude for the activities carried out by Nawakara and Dandim 0736/Batang. "This activity is very beneficial for the environment, especially those around PLTU Batang. I am very happy and grateful because this vacant land will have a good impact, especially for residents affected by the Batang PLTU Project," explained H. Nur.