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Nawakara Training Center Holds 40th Gada Pratama Training

Author: Nawakara Admin

Date : 13 August 2020

South Tangerang – The Covid-19 pandemic is not an obstacle for the Nawakara Training Center to hold the 40th Gada Pratama Training. This is the second class held in the COVID-19 pandemic situation. The training was attended and opened by the Head of Sub-Directorate for Binsatpam Polda Metro Jaya, AKBP Djadjang Hasan Basri at Padepokan Rajawali Nawakara, Bintaro, South Tangerang, Wednesday (12/8).

"To improve the competence and abilities of the personnel, the Nawakara Training Center is holding back the Gada Pratama Training during the Covid-19 pandemic. This is the 40th batch, ”said Sutan Syaiful Haq, Training Center Dept. Head Nawakara. He explained that 35 participants attended the 40th Gada Primary Training, consisting of 4 female security personnel and 3 external participants, the rest were personnel from Nawakara.

At this training, the Nawakara Training team has prepared modules that will be delivered to the debriefing, including work ethic, discipline, hospitality, interpersonal skills, HSE, and other related modules. It is hoped that the modules that are delivered will be able to shape attitudes, mentality, and improve the competence of the personnel as needed.

"The performance of Gada Pratama Nawakara alumni is quite reliable in the field so far, and provides real proof of work," said Sutan.

Sutan said, for the remainder of the year, the Nawakara Training Center has prepared the 20th Class of Gada Madya Training which will be held in early September, and the Indonesian Navy's inhouse Gada Utama Training at the end of September. After that, the Gada Pratama Training may be held again.