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Nawakara and Batang District Police are Planting Tree Seeds for the Environment

Author: Nawakara Admin

Date : 13 August 2020

Batang – In line with the Go Green program that has been running throughout Indonesia, through the Batang Power Plant Project (Surabaya Regional Office), Nawakara in collaboration with the Batang Police planted 6 Klengkeng Super Crystal tree seedlings on the land owned by H. Nuryanto, the community leaders in Ujungnegoro, Wednesday (12/8).

Planting of the 6 Klengkeng Super Crystal tree seedlings was carried out directly by the Head of the Batang Power Plant Project, I Nengah Sugiarta along with the Head of Batang Police Resort, AKBP Abdul Waras, S.I.K, witnessed by land owner H. Nuryanto, religious leaders and residents of Ujungnegoro Village.

"Today Nawakara planted tree seedlings with the Chief of Police. This is a follow-up program from last week, so the total number of seeds planted is 16 seeds," added I Nengah. He hopes the addition of these tree seeds can make the Ujungnegoro village become a green environment and be beneficial to its residents in the future.

Head of Batang Police Resort, AKBP Abdul Waras, S.I.K, feels proud of the activities and social approaches carried out by Nawakara. It can embrace not only at the Ring-1 level but up to the Batang Regency Muspida. 

"I am proud of these activities. Appreciation to Nawakara team that always maintains a good relationship by making activities that are beneficial to the residents and the surrounding environment," said Abdul Waras.