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Nawakara Security Personnels Receive Awards from the Mayora Group

Author: Nawakara Admin

Date : 27 July 2020

Tangerang – The Key Performance Indicator achievement of Nawakara's security personnel at Project Mayora in the first half of 2020 was very good. 10 awards given by the Mayora group to Nawakara security personnel. For details, there were 6 "Glucose-Nawakara Awards" and special awards for 4 personnel who succeeded in uncovering coffee beans embezzlement.

All awards were given by Industrial Relation and General Affair Department Head Glucose Division, Darwanto, and Industrial Relation and General Affair Senior Department Head Torabika DIvision, Tedja Yudhono at the Torabika MDC Building in Cikupa, Tangerang, Saturday (25/7).

The Nawakara's Mayora Project Manager, Pardiman is really proud. He feels moved that in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mayora still has time to appreciate the performance of the Nawakara Security personnel.

"This is good momentum to improving performance in order to increase client satisfaction. Hopefully, all awards receiver can be improved, and the rest Nawakara team continues to compete in sportsmanship," said Pardiman.

Tedja Yudhono said that the award was given to excellent personnel based on the KPI results. Therefore, the awarding is to appreciate the performance of the personnel, and an effort to boost morale. "Yes, we provide this to appreciate their performance and encourage them to work even better," Tedja said.

Pardiman added, the award given was very influential because this momentum was always awaited by all personnel as an appreciation for their efforts and performance so far. "We sincerely thank the Mayora Group for the appreciation given, we will continue to strive to improve the Excellent Service for client satisfaction," concluded Pardiman.