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Gada Pratama Participants Take Drugs Test and COVID-19 Rapid Test

Author: Nawakara Admin

Date : 14 July 2020

Tangerang Selatan – Nawakara Training Center with the Metro Jaya Regional Police and Medical Team held a COVID-19 Rapid Test at Padepokan Rajawali Nawakara, Bintaro, South Tangerang, Tuesday (14/7). This test is carried out for private Nawakara Security who will take Gada Pratama training. According to Chief of Police Telegram Letter dated June 11, 2020, all that participants must attach the Covid-19 rapid test and drug test result.

"Today we are holding COVID-19 Rapid Test and Drug Test for security guards who will participate in the Gada Pratama training. This must be done to determine the health of the personnel. All must Covid-19 and drug-free, "said Sutan Syaiful Haq as the Nawakara Training Center Chief Department.

As many as 35 security people took the Rapid Test. The medical check-up begins with an interview. After that, continues with an observation test from the doctor to know the person's health and travel record.

The Metro Jaya Police Doctor Team declares that all participants who took the test were non-reactive to COVID-19. "Thank God, all personnel found nonreactive to COVID-19 and drug," Sutan said. He added, in terms of carrying out preventive actions from COVID-19, all the participants had authentic evidence of compilation that would be transferred to the Project.