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Security Solutions


Chairman Message

Against the backdrop of remarkable development that Indonesian economy has achieved in the past decades, security issues become crucial consideration for both institutions as well as individuals.

Being the largest economy in South East Asia and one of the emerging markets in the world, Indonesian economy has seen constant growth and become more globally recognized. It is inevitable that these developments are also faced with increasing risks and challenges, including those of security aspect.

Confronting security issues can be a complex maze of variables to the extent that it is no longer practical to consider packaged security services but rather, systems and solutions customized to meet the needs of individual clients

To us, security has deeper meaning, thus we strive to ensure the delivery of comprehensive security services in accordance with international standards. In Nawakara, we take our client’s safety with our utmost professionalism.

With 20 years of experience, our company offers integrated security services that are seamlessly delivered to suit our client’s individual needs. Our skilled staffs with experience gained through extensive services in police and military force as well as private security department understand specific needs of clients across a wide variety of businesses and industries.

We believe that the economic and business development in Indonesia as well as in the region will continue to grow. And so will the needs for security services. For that reason, we strive to continuously improve ourselves from time to time. All these improvement initiatives are aimed at increasing our capability to better serve our clients and delivering uncompromising performance.

Going forward, we will continuously extend our commitment to forging lasting relationship with our clients and becoming their partner in addressing and identifying their security issues as well as delivering integrated security solutions.

Drs. HM Hindarto, Msi
President Director