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PLTU Batang Project Hand Over 240 Rice Packages

Author: Nawakara Admin

Date : 29 May 2020

Batang – PLTU Batang Project (RO Surabaya) delivered 240 packages of rice or as much as 600 kilograms to residents of Tulis Subdistrict, Batang Regency, Central Java before Eid Al-Fitr 1441 H on Tuesday (19/5). The package was delivered directly by Mr. Marwasa, Deputy Manager of the PLTU Batang project to village officials and representatives of the residents.

The donation delivered was an initiative of the PLTU Batang Project on behalf of Nawakara management, which was provided to people affected by COVID-19, spread across three villages including Karanggeneng, Kandeman, and Ponowareng villages.

"These three villages are located in the work area of the PLTU Batang Project, for that we took the initiative to provide rice packages to residents," said Mr. Marwasa.

Mr. Marwasa added, the citizens' response was very good and appreciated the leadership of the PLTU Batang Project, Mr. I Nengah Sugiarta and staff and the Security Nawakara PLTU Batang Project. The residents thanked Nawakara for their help and attention.

"Hopefully the donation we provide can relieve residents around the PLTU Batang Project affected by Covid-19 to meet their daily needs," he concluded.