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Nawakara Personnel Excel in the First Quarter of the 2020 National Product Test

Author: Nawakara Admin

Date : 30 April 2020

Bandung – The Networks and Services Division of the BJB Head Office collaboration with BJB University innovated in creating a new concept for the online implementation of the National Product Test for the First Quarter 2020, which was attended by all BJB Regional Office III employees including Staff Officers, Customer Services, Tellers and Security Guards. The first quarter of the 2020 National Product Test was carried out simultaneously in March 2020 and the results came out in April 2020.

Nawakara Security Guard personnel who served in all Regional Office III BJB, as many as 13 Branch Offices have all taken the test among hundreds of people. The average results of the BJB Branch Office security guard are 97.84 points. Ahead of other categories like Staff Officer (90.86), Customer Service (90.48 points), and Teller (92.28 points).

Nasirun T. Dinata, Nawakara's Bandung Regional Office General Manager said, he was quite satisfied with the achievement of Results. The average results of security guards at the BJB branch office were superior to other categories. But not yet satisfied with the Individual Value Results which were still below the target of 96.00 points.

"In general, I am not satisfied, because many Individual Value results are below the target. In the future, I will improve the knowledge of the service ambassador team and the service ambassador shift leader by in house training and joint training of BJB internal project personnel and with other projects. There will be monthly evaluation and work plan concerning the results of the annual work practices of  Bandung regional office, " explained Nasirun.

The best average score for the security category was obtained by the Indramayu branch office with a score of 99.50 points. For this category, the average value of all branch offices is above 90 points so that it can be concluded for the passing rate of participants by 100%.

Nasirun added that Nawakara will continue to work hard to be able to achieve the targeted results. If the target has been reached, the next target will remain the first winner of the National BBSEA as in previous years. He was sure that Nawakara could repeat the achievements in 2011, which won the first, second and third place.