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Nawakara Training Center Provides Security Guard Training to 619 Participants

Author: Nawakara Admin

Date : 13 February 2020

Jakarta – Every year Nawakara organizes security guard training, which aims to produce security personnel that have a good mental attitude, strong physical presence, and an understanding of the basic skills to conduct their duties. This training is managed by PT Nawakara Perkasa Nusantara, in collaboration with the Indonesian National Police from Regional to National levels, who also present and certify participants.
The number of participants attending the security guard training at the Nawakara training centre continues to grow. During 2019, Nawakara trained 619 security personnel of which 308 undertook the Gada Pratama, 234 Gada Madya, and 77 Gada Utama. Not only did the participants derive internally from Nawakara, but also external sources, such as the general public, private companies, the Navy, and Nawakara clients. 

The ideal pattern of security training from Nawakara is the main factor this program gains such interest by parties outside of Nawakara. During the training, participants were accommodated in Padepokan Nawakara for 24 hours. The training follows the guided syllabus for each level. For example, for Gada Pratama, the recommend training time is 4 weeks or 232 hours of study. For Gada Madya, the study period is 2 weeks or 160-hours and Gada Utama is 100-hours.

"The Nawakara training centre has produced far better personnel, who are more disciplined and knowledgeable, especially those related to security guarding. So far, many of our personnel are working exceptionally well and are appreciated by clients," said Sutan Syaiful Haq, Nawakara Training Center Dept. Head.