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Proud! Nawakara Cilacap Project Champion Security Guard 39th Anniversary

Author: Nawakara Admin

Date : 31 January 2020

Cilacap – Nawakara Cilacap Project (duty area at PT PLTU Karangkandri Cilacap) won the overall champion of the race that was followed in the context of Security Guard 39th Anniversary at Cilacap Regional Police Station, Central Java.

Nawakara Cilacap Project won 4 Awards from 4 Categories. The first winner of The Security Guard Skills & Creativity competition, the first and second winner of Badminton Double competition, and the third winner of Single Badminton competition. The award was given directly by Cilacap Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Derry Agung Wijaya, on the 39th anniversary of the Security Guard ceremony at Cilacap Regional Police Station, Central Java, on Wednesday (22/1).

The Chief of Police Congratulate Nawakara for their success in being champion. "Congratulations to the Nawakara team. Hopefully, the award given can encourage them in their duties," he said.

As Ceremony Inspector, Cilacap Chief of Police delivered a message from Chief National Police, that the Security Guard is one of Polri's partners, that is why it needs to have good qualifications and abilities so that they can always have good cooperation and coordination.

"The Security Guard is one of the main police partners in the effort to maintain stable security and public order (Kamtibmas). Therefore every Security Guard member must have optimal qualifications and abilities in handling various security disturbances in their respective work environments," said Derry.