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Security Guard of Nawakara BJB Bank-Garut, Received Awards from Garut Regional Police

Author: Nawakara Admin

Date : 02 January 2020

Garut – Nawakara's Security Guard at BJB Bank-Garut, received an award from the Garut Regional Police in commemoration of the 39th anniversary of the Security Unit of (Security Guard) Garut Regional Police in Garut, Karangpawitan, Garut, West Java.

"Congratulations and success to Nawakara who has given the best for BJB Bank-Garut, keep unified and consistent," Maman Rukmana Branch Manager of BJB Bank said, Garut, Sunday (29/12).

Maman appreciated the award achieved by Nawakara, "This is all the result of the structured and routine management of Nawakara, even becoming a good example and role model for BJB Bank employees themselves," he said.

The tournament that was held in the framework of Security Guard 39th Anniversary are including Volleyball and Badminton tournament, an assessment of the category of Badan Usaha Jasa Pengamanan (BUJP), the Best Security Guard Member, and the Exemplary Security Guard.

Nawakara won 1st place in the volleyball tournament and received an award for the Exemplary Security Guard category won by Budiman. The Best Security Guard was won by Kustira Ramdani, and the Exemplary BUJP category was received by the Garut Branch BJB Bank. All awards were received directly by Garut Police Chief Dede Yudy Ferdiansyah, S.I.K, M.I.K.

Nawakara BJB Bank-Garut, deployed 76 personnel consists of 1 Supervisor, 1 Danru, 1 from Security Guard Ambassador and 73 troops to participate in Security Guard Garut Police station 39th anniversary.