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Security Guard 34th Anniversary

Author: Nawakara Admin

Date : 05 February 2015

On Security Guard 34th commemoration event several Nawakara member with extraordinary performance has received recognition from various source. Supriyadi, M. Anwar Sanusi, Okti Mulya Permatasari, and M. Arifin has received certificate of recognition from Bandung sector committee of security guard 34th commemoration event for their dedication in performing the limited policing function to apprehend theft in Bandung Riau Junction Mall.

M Arifin also receive Security award from Indonesia National Police force for the dedication of conducting duties in the incident. Siti Aam Aminah and Tia Irawati also received recognition for exemplary conduct from Garut and Subang district National Police Force respectively.

Hamdani Tri Hartomo and Muhammad Syazili respectively has been awarded the fist and third place in Bank BJB’s National Service Excellence Award 2014 for security guard category. As recognition for all these accomplishment, Nawakara Group Board of Directors and Board of Managements including CEO Mr. Dino Bimadwinanda Hindarto visited Nawakara Bandung branch in February 5th, 2015.