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Nawakara 23rd Anniversary

Author: Nawakara Admin

Date : 25 November 2019

On November 9th , 2019, Nawakara celebrated its 23rd Anniversary.

The event, which took place at Padepokan Rajawali, Bintaro opened with the Prophet’s Birthday Celebration, led by Ustadz Khairulloh Abdul Qodir.  This celebration was a form of gratitude to Allah SWT for all the achievements that Nawakara had achieved until today.  23rd years have been successfully passed together with all the challenges. At this event, Nawakara encouraged all the employees present to continue to increase their enthusiasm and confidence that Nawakara BISA/CAN face all the challenges and BISA/CAN achieve all the targeted achievements in 2020.

On this occasion, Nawakara also gave appreciation to the best employees as a form of Nawakara’s appreciation for their achievements and good performance.