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Sharing Session on Private Security Industry at FISIP University of Indonesia

Author: Nawakara Admin

Date : 02 October 2019

On Thursday, September 26th, 2019 The Himakrim Knowledge Division together with Nawakara held a sharing session "GAINING KNOWLEDGE OF PRIVATE SECURITY INDUSTRY WITH THE NAWAKARA COMPANY", also supported by the Department of Criminology, University of Indonesia. The event was carried out at the Juwono Sudarsono Auditorium of FISIP UI, taking place from 2 pm, featuring representative of Nawakara as a speaker, Ramsay McAuley.

The Presentation was delivered to the Criminology Students currently studying at the University of Indonesia, with the aim of furnishing them with knowledge of the Private Security Industry here in Indonesia. The following points were covered: Security Risk Management, Security Services, Incident Response, and Business Resilience Assistance.

The presentation also highlighted as to where within security their criminology studies would be of use and it is hoped that by delivering such presentations, Nawakara can assist in developing future security professionals here in Indonesia and providing the students with knowledge that there is a lot more to the security industry than just security guards; with other aspects and roles being discussed and thus, seen as more appealing to the fresh graduates.