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The Future of Electronic Security System

Author: Nawakara Admin

Date : 28 February 2019

As digital technology continues to advance rapidly, Nawakara Security Solutions is committed to keep pace with the developments. There are current electronic security systems that has incorporated future technologies, for example the Fence Intruder Detection System. This integrated system provides reliable protection to client’s properties and ables to prevent the loss of valuable items. The Intruder Detection System (IDS) has also been developed to be able to quickly detect intruders. Nawakara Group can integrate this sophisticated system with clients’ existing systems. The company also uses Access and Egress Control Systems (AECS) to prevent crimes that could harm its clients.

To keep up with the evolution of technology, Nawakara closely monitors new developments. Vital weaknesses have been recently identified from electronic security systems such as the use of passwords and PINs that were once widely perceived as solid security measures. However, security breach cases continue to occur, e.g. fraud and theft, not to mention lost passwords and PINs.

To solve this challenge, security system experts have come up with a new technology that is designed to be safer and more effective, namely the biometric identification. Biometric technology identifies an individual from his/her fingerprint, voice, and iris. This technology is certainly hard to manipulate as it reads an individual’s inherent characteristics.

Many believe that biometrics is the future of security technology and more than a handful of companies, from different business sectors around the world, are investing in developing biometric technologies for their own needs. Nawakara has also developed the incorporation of biometrics technology in its integrated electronic security system solutions. Clients will only need to inform of their needs of having security solutions that will assure their safety and convenience. Not only providing the systems, experts at Nawakara are also ready to train clients’ staff that operate the security systems embedded with future technology.