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Effective Solutions for Electronic Security System

Author: Nawakara Admin

Date : 11 February 2019

As a pioneer in security and protection solutions in Indonesia, Nawakara has built
22 years of experience in the business. Throughout the years, the company
frequently comes up with various solutions and breakthroughs in the operations of
its core business. One of those breakthroughs is security solutions that are
integrated with electronic security systems, a type of service which is now part of
Nawakara’s service portfolio.
Electronic security system is not new to Nawakara, whose number of clients has
grown significantly in the past four years. From its early years of operations, the
company – now operating six offices across Indonesia – has been investing in an
array of security tools. As the business took off, Nawakara then started to
offerother security solutions such as manned guarding.
Having years of experience as an electronic security systems provider, Nawakara
Security Solutionsis highly experienced in designing, developing, installing, and
managing various advanced security tools, such as Closed-Circuit Television
(CCTV), X-ray equipment, metal detectors, Intruder Detection Systems (IDS),
Access and Egress Control Systems (AECS), and Fence Intruder Detection
Nawakara has a wide range of sophisticated electronic security system options,
which gives the company the flexibility to tailor their security solutions to the
specific needs of its clients. Qualified and competent individuals are certainly
required to operate the system, and Nawakara Group is ready to provide skilled
operators that are not just tool-savvy but are also capable to offer solution
recommendations to address clients’ needs.
Given the all-round capabilities, clients who engage and use Nawakara’s services
are certainly at an advantage. Beyond being provided with the latest security
systems, clients will also enjoy numerous privileges including Nawakara’s
consultation services through which the company offers its clients the opportunity
to maximize the use of electronic security systems as the clients see fit.
Nawakara’s highly knowledgeable staff members are able to provide accurate
information on the system use.
Moreover, Nawakara’s experts are also available to train clients’ equipment
operators. This is a valuable service that ensures that the equipment and systems
of clients’ choice can be used optimally by trained staff.
Nawakara also understands the challenge of integrating electronic security
systems with existing security equipment in an effective and efficient manner.

This challenge in particular arises when optimal utilization of some equipment is
To minimize this risk, Nawakara always offers comprehensive electronic security
systems and equipment that can be linked with other security systems.
Nawakara’s expert staff are capable to provide the best and most efficient
solutions to integrate electronic and existing security systems.
As electronic security system rapidly develops, the company relentlessly keeps up
with technological changes. This commitment allows Nawakara Group to
continuously upgrade its knowledge and expertise in this field.
As the pioneer and leading player, Nawakara has developed close relationships
with world class electronic security equipment manufacturers. This, coupled with
the company’s staff expertise, guarantees Nawakara’s leadership in electronic
security system, as Nawakara continues to provide top services to all of its clients.