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Know What You Buy: Types of Electronic Security Systems

Author: Nawakara Admin

Date : 30 January 2019

Nawakara Security Solutions has an extensive 22 years of experience in electronic security systems. This enables the company to develop an electronic security system that is integrated with clients’ security tools. Additionally, Nawakara has cultivated close relationships with the leading electronic security manufacturers. These relationships, coupled with the company’s own pool of expertise, means that Nawakara is consistently the leader in electronic security system development.

Backed by its vast knowledge, Nawakara Group is able to introduce its clients to the various types of electronic security systems – systems that combine hardware and software devices to deliver its security functions.

Let’s get familiar with some examples and start with Burglary Alarms. This system is designed to secure and provide early warning to security officers, company owners/leaders, and property residents in the event of breaking and entering, burglary, or even emergency situations such as fire. The system is also able to detect when a trespassing occurs in a restricted area. The warning system is linked to alarm devices, such as sirens, or other devices such as cellphones and a Central Monitoring System.

Another example is the CCTV (Closed Circuit Television), a system that consist of surveillance cameras that can generate real time visual and audio recordings that are monitored on screen.

This security system is able to store audio visual data using DVR (digital video recorders). The data can then be converted into other digital media formats and transferred to compact discs, memory sticks, memory cards, and others. There are several types of CCTV cameras, such as analogue, IP (internet protocol), and HD-SDI.

Turning to X-ray and Metal Screening devices that were built upon the important work of Wilhelm Konrad Roentgen, a German physicist who discovered that the X-ray can penetrate solid objects. Since then, security experts have been continuously developing tools that can detect hazardous items. Using the scanners, we can detect potentially dangerous items, such as sharp weapons and illicit drugs, that are placed inside a bag or closed storage or even when strapped to the carrier’s body.

By providing some basic knowledge on electronic security systems, Nawakara aims to enable its clients to make informed decisions when choosing electronic security tools that are fit for their purposes. With the help of the company’s expert staff, clients can also identify electronic security solutions to be embedded with their existing security systems.