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Cyber Security: Countering Cyber-Attacks

Author: Nawakara Admin

Date : 09 January 2019

Considering the rapid development of technology, Nawakara Security Solutions continues to enhance its knowledge and electronic security system technologies. With 22 years of experience under its belt, Nawakara has the advantage of being able to easily build close rapport with experts and leading manufacturers of electronic security systems.

One of the hottest topics today in technology is cyber security. Nawakara realizes that in a digital era such as today cyber security, where measures are put in place to protect private and proprietary information from cyber attacks, is a necessity for individual and corporate internet users.

So what does a cyber-attack look like? The culprits behind a cyber-attack launch a cyber-operation to compromise data confidentiality, integrity, and availability. They may intend to physically disrupt their target’s information system or the logical flow of the system. Personal information or a company’s proprietary information, or any type of digital assets stored in hard drives and other digital storage devices are the targets of a cyber-attack.

Given this situation, Nawakara has developed a security system that is able to prevent and protect a company from a cyber-attack. To ensure that clients’ digital assets are also secured, Nawakara has developed electronic security systems embedded with biometric reader technology.

A biometric reader is a scanning technology that is able to recognize and identify an individual’s physical characteristics, and is frequently used as a security tool. There are different types of biometric technology that, using different systems, recognizes different body parts: fingerprints, facial recognition, retina or iris, arm, fingers, palms, and voice recognition.

Additionally, considering the increasing sophistication of cyber-attacks, Nawakara considers that quality visual monitoring is not enough. Clients that use CCTV also require a system that can focus on and easily extract relevant data. For that reason, Nawakara has developed intelligent video analytics. The latest model of video analytics adds sensitivity and structure into video images and employs metadata to enable CCTV cameras to recognize the images that they capture. This turns CCTV cameras into ‘smart’ cameras that allow users to control the size of data and which data to store.

As technologies in this digital era continue to develop, Nawakara continually updates its knowledge in electronic security systems. Nawakara is committed to ensure that its clients can enjoy the most secured systems driven by up-to-date technologies that can be integrated with existing cyber security systems.