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22nd Years of Nawakara, Embracing the Change

Author: Nawakara Admin

Date : 15 November 2018

On 9 November 2018, Nawakara celebrated its 22nd anniversary. As a pioneer in Indonesia’s security solutions industry, the company has introduced numerous breakthroughs whilst maintaining its focus of four business lines: physical security, cash and valuables in transit, consultancy and training, and corporate support services. As the result, in the span of 22 years Nawakara’s performance has been nothing short of satisfying. This is evident from, among others, the number of clients that has been increasing significantly in particular in the last four years. 

Nevertheless, as the world is constantly evolving, change is inevitable; otherwise, it could be the end of a business. Nawakara must set an example on how best to adapt in an ever-changing environment. The company’s 22nd anniversary celebration in GBK Arena, Senayan held in Jakarta on Saturday, 10 November 2018, reflected this spirit and was themed “Embracing the Change!” 

According to Nawakara’s President Director H.M. Hindarto, where change is resisted, the organization will be ‘limping’. “The readiness to embrace change must be uniform across Nawakara,” he said. 

In Nawakara, that change lies mainly on individual competency building. In the security solutions business, measurable performance is key to clients’ satisfaction. Professionalism is also vital – the lack thereof will only harm a company’s ability to compete. 

Nawakara envisages two main things with respect to change. First, there will be a shift from seniority-based to performance-based. Each individual will be trained according to their job positions, with quality and productivity as key underlying qualities. The other change is the vision to provide a combination of manned guarding and technology. 

Nawakara operates six regional offices, which are in Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Makassar, Balikpapan, and Palembang to ensure its clients receive services quickly from their nearest service point. This operating model has delivered a significant increase in the number of clients to 140 this year from 70 in 2016. Revenues also rose to Rp1.04 trillion this year. Going forward, Nawakarga targets to grow by 7.5% or to Rp1.15 trillion with the support of its 11 thousand personnel and around 140 security projects.

"We hope that unity can be our strength and we can perform to our clients’ expectations. From there, we gain their trust. That will be our driver of growth. Show our professionalism. Arrogance will only destroy us. Thank you to all employees for your good work,” H.M. Hindarto remarked in front of the board of directors and hundreds of Nawakara employees at the company’s anniversary celebration.