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Full Security Training Capabilities, Key for Skilled Security Personnel

Author: Nawakara Admin

Date : 09 November 2018

As the leading security solutions provider, Nawakara understands the importance of having skilled and capable human resource. To that end, Nawakara is committed to providing the best training for its employees to ensure that they are well-trained to be responsive, respectful, and firm at all times throughout their deployment especially when executing tasks such as Manned Guarding, Canine Services, Close Personnel Protection, and Event Security Services.

The training programs delivered to the entire security personnel are consistent with government’s regulations as well as ISO 9001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007 – the international standard of operations applicable in Nawakara Group, and also SMK3 Gold Flag.

Nawakara Group runs its own fully equipped indoor and outdoor training facilities with training sessions delivered by highly qualified instructors in the field. The high standard allows Nawakara to easily meet clients’ requirements and needs. The training ground is also frequently used to train canine units thanks to Nawakara’s complete facilities.

“Our training facility is located in Bintaro. We provide the full-range of security solutions,” says Nawakara’s Head of Sales Operation Division, Febian.

Nawakara is one of the Security Solutions Providers that are able to organize security training that is up to police standard. Indeed, cooperation with the Indonesian National Police is not new to Nawakara, and both parties have worked closely for years in delivering security services and training.

Gada Pratama, Gada Madya, and Gada Utama are the three training levels in Industrial Security regulated by Police. Nawakara is fully capable to organize training for the levels and design them for security personnel, supervisors and managers, respectively. 

Nawakara Security Solutions’ strong commitment to quality is recognized by many – national and multinational clients, government agencies, local governments, and the Head of Indonesian National Police to name a few.

For the personnel, various awards from the company and clients have been given to celebrate their professionalism.