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Randy Albert Pattikayhatu, Manned Guarding Group Head Nawakara; Every Problem Has an Answer

Author: Admin

Date : 17 May 2018

Manned Guarding is one of Nawakara’s first and now largest services. Managing this business is not a walk in the park, as Randy Albert Pattikayhatu will tell. Now Nawakara’s Manned Guarding Group Head, he has dedicated the last 17 years of his professional career at Nawakara Group.

Being the highest level executive of the Manned Guarding Group carries a large responsibility, especially considering the scale of the services that are present across Indonesia – organized into West, East and Special Regions.

As Group Head, Randy Albert oversees Ops1 and Ops 2 activities, 138 projects that the company is engaged in, and around 10,688 guard personnel.

Prior to serving as Group Head for the last two years, Randy Albert has a long-standing career in various positions such a Deputy Operational, Site Manager, Project Manager, Operational Manager, and Senior Operational Manager.

Stakeholder Mapping

Other than monitoring all Manned Guarding activities in Ops 1 and Ops 2 categories, he also has to evaluate overall operational performance and carry out business analysis for work program development in order to offer the best solutions for the clients. “The clients are our priority. Their loyalty hinges on their satisfaction toward our services,” says the Ujung Pandang born man.

His years of experience handling personnel and hundreds of projects makes him a seasoned individual with insights to offer. Randy Albert believes each project has its own characteristics, and that a security system can be developed anywhere but must be agile at the same time to mitigate problems early on.

“If we don’t do stakeholder mapping from the beginning, we will not be able to serve our clients’ security needs. We have to know in person the municipality police chief, the commander of a military district, even the head of a sub-district, the village apparatus, and community and religious figures. Why? Because security issues are not limited to just one perimeter; making sure our own perimeter is safe isn’t enough. Without external mapping, there could be external threats that we fail to identify. So, if we want to do our job as stated in the contract, if we want to keep chaos and other problems away, we have to approach [our stakeholders],” explains Randy Albert, a huge fan of England’s Manchester United who has set foot in the Old Trafford.

Randy Albert also mentions a crucial internal challenge: communication. Aware that communication failure could lead to misadministration, he is always meticulous in his planning to make sure he can better monitor operational activities.

Also a golf fan, Randy Albert says he is not one to shy away from a challenge or a problem. In fact, addressing a problem is a learning experience. Optimistically, Randy says, “Trying to solve a challenge using the wrong ways can be stressful. But I’d like to think that there’s an answer to every problem.”