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Event Security & Close Protection; For Your Successful Event

Author: Admin

Date : 18 April 2018

Other than interactive guests, exciting event programs, and number of visitors, quality security service is also fundamental for a successful event. For that reason, event security is absolutely necessary, especially on occasions that involve a large number of attendants and celebrities or VIPs.

The dedication to grow and its 20 years of experience enables Nawakara to offer almost all types of security and protective services a client would require. This includes event security and close protection services for celebrities or VIPs at the event.

With the support of security personnel and teams with distinguished specifications who are specially trained, Nawakara Security Solutions is able to address security needs of a variety of events, such as wedding ceremonies, exhibitions, music concerts, and on/off air promotional activities.

We provide complete security solutions in these special occasions, from security planning to route design to escorting VIPs to event locations. Delivering comprehensive services, Nawakara also coordinates with third parties such as building management, the police, paramedics, and firefighting units. 

In each event where our services are engaged, Nawakara Security Solutions deploys the P1 Force team – a specially formed and highly experienced unit that has been involved in event security and exclusive close protection for celebrities and VIPs since 2000.

Specialized and seasoned in supporting the success of various events for more than a decade, the P1 Force team is capable of designing security and safety plans as well as crowd control plans to mitigate the risks that may arise in a large crowd situation.

During the event, the P1 Force provides assistance, information on venue conditions, crowd behavior analysis, and presence in venue areas. The P1 Force also acts as the first-responder in an emergency situation to ensure the comfort and safety of all event attendants. 

With international standard operating systems, the support of 10,000 operational personnel, and 24-hour control monitoring systems (CMS) in Jakarta as well as its regional offices, Nawakara is able to be present throughout the Archipelago and is ready to keep your events safe and secured.