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Author: Nawakara Admin

Date : 23 February 2018

A participant in the 37th Anniversary of Security Personnel & Indonesian Protective Services Industry 2018 event on Friday (2/1), Nawakara Group marks its presence with an elegant booth design that signals modernity, maturity, and strength.

Nawakara, founded on 9 November 1996 by the 9th batch graduates of the National Police Academy, began by providing only security services. Since then, the company has rapidly grown into a full-range security company. “We currently run four core businesses,” says Febian, Head of Nawakara Marketing Division on Friday (2/2).

The Physical Security business offers manned guarding service, which also can provide the deployment of best breed canine with the best healthcare and maintenance standards. 

The company also has Cash and Valuables in transit division that helps clients transfer valuable goods or cash. Further, the Consultancy and Training division is ready to advise clients about their protective and security training needs.

Nawakara is one of the security services company that is capable of delivering training programs according to the national police standards. We are fully equipped and able to provide three levels of training namely: Gada Tama (basic level, for security officers), Gada Madya (intermediate level, for supervisors), and Gada Utama (advanced level, for managerial level).

“We have a training facility in Bintaro, and we provide complete security solutions” added Febian.

Adding to its range of business, Nawakara’s latest service Facilities Management provides cleaning service personnel/janitorial staff. Developments are underway for this young division. Overseas, Facilities Management typically includes security services; however, given Indonesia’s unique market where these services are differentiated, Nawakara sees this as an opportunity to expand its service further. 

Nawakara is also fully committed to continually enhance its service quality. The company adopts a number of international certifications, such as the ISO 9001 that was updated in 20 management system.

According to Febian, Nawakara currently manages 166 projects with the total of more than 12 thousand personnel across Indonesia. Most of the clients, 60% are in the oil, gas and mining industry. Among others Chevron Indonesia, ConocoPhillips Indonesia, Freeport Indonesia, Kaltim Prima Coal, and Newmont Nusa Tenggara. The remaining 40% are retails, factories, banks, and other leading entities such as Rekayasa Industri, Bank BJB, Mayora Tbk, and Holcim Indonesia Tbk.

While security and protective services business is growing, efforts are needed to change the business owners’ mindset, says Febian. Generally, business owner’s still consider that the security services is an overhead costs. Security should be considered as an asset and therefore requires an investment. “This is the mindset we need to change,” he said.

To enhance its services, Nawakara also has utilized up-to-date technology. As technologies are long-term and could have five-year life cycle, in comparison with the monthly costs of individual security officer. A combination of protective personnel and technology would lead to cost-efficient security measures.

15, and the OHSAS 18001:2007 for its health and safety.