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Nawakara Helping Rob Flood Victims in Karawang

Author: Nawakara Admin

Date : 15 February 2021

Karawang – PT Nawakara Perkasa Nusantara (Nawakara) through the Samsung C&T Karawang Project (Bandung Regional Office) has assisted the residents of Kampung Muara Cilamaya Wetan District, Karawang Regency, West Java which was hit by the Rob flood since February 7, 2021. The donation comes in the form of Instant Noodles and Mineral Water. Respectively, 15 boxes were handed over directly by the Samsung C&T Karawang Project Supervisor, Agustinus Supardi, to the Head of Kampung Muara, Iyos Rosita, at the  Office, Wednesday (10/2).

Agustinus explained, Rob flood or Coastal Flood is a flood of seawater or rising sea levels. "So this flood was caused by high tides inundating the land, and this is a problem that occurs in areas lower than sea level. In Karawang itself, every year, the Rob flood always hits the lower villages," said Agustinus.

In addition to the assistance of Instant Noodles and Mineral Water which are the primary needs of residents, the Nawakara Project Samsung C&T Karawang helps to protect the surrounding environment by assigning personnel to work with local village officials.

"The purpose and objective of this activity are that Nawakara, especially the Samsung C&T Karawang Project, really cares about the Rob flood that befell the residents of Kampung Muara. As a result of the flood, the residents had difficulty getting necessities such as food, drink and other necessities. Besides that, we also help to protect the surrounding environment," said Agustinus.

Kampung Muara  Head, Iyos Rosita, expressed his gratitude for the assistance provided by Nawakara to its residents. "For the attention and assistance given by Nawakara, the people of Muara Village are very grateful. We will immediately hand over this assistance to several residents, especially in Muara Village. Hopefully, what Nawakara gives today can become deeds of worship," said Iyos.