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Nawakara's Best Employee 2020

Author: Nawakara Admin

Date : 09 November 2020

Jakarta – To improve service and work quality, PT Nawakara Perkasa Nusantara (Nawakara) has a standardized assessment of its employees as seen from the discipline, performance, attitude, and creativity of these employees as assessed by Nawakara management. At the Nawakara Anniversary celebration, the management gives the "Best Employee" award to six Nawakara people consisting of three staff and three security guards.

At the 24th Anniversary of Nawakara, this year, Monday 9 November 2020, six of the best employees have been selected as "Best Employee Nawakara 2020", namely:

1. DWITYA INDRI LESTARI from the Head Office (HSE Department), who started his career in 2017 as HSE Supervisor until 2018, currently serves as an HSE Specialist.

2. JONI AFRIZAL from RO Pekanbaru Starting his career in Nawakara since 2001 at Project Chevron Area Tengah Duri as Danton, and currently serves as Chief Security at Project EMP Bentu Area. Besides, in 2020, Joni Afrizal also received the "Certificate The Best Leader 2020" award from the EMP Bentu Area Project.

3. ACEP TRIYONO from RO Bandung Starting his career in Nawakara since 2003 at the Holcim Narogong Project as Dantim Patrol Team, and currently serves as Regional HC Sect. Head at RO Bandung. In 2012 Bp. Acep Triyono has performed at the Head Office Jakarta as HO Operation CMS.

4. CECEP IRWANTO as a security guard from RO Bandung Joined in Nawakara in 2010 served in Project BJB Office Ciamis as Guard, and currently serves in Project BJB Office Bandung.

5. WAYAN WAHYUDI as a security guard of RO Multisite. Joined Nawakara in 2003 to serve in the Holcim Cilacap Plant Project as a Guard, and currently serves in the PT Solusi Bangun Indonesia Cilacap Area Project.

6. SENTOT SUNGKORO DIHARJO as a security guard from RO Balikpapan joined in Nawakara in 2013 serving in the Arutmin Kintap Project as Guard, and since 2017 has served as Area Patrol.

CEO of Nawakara, Dino Hindarto, congratulated all Nawakara Peoples who received the "Best Employee Nawakara 2020" award. He hopes the award received will be a mandate for Nawakara Individuals who accept and motivate all other Nawakara Peoples to work even better.