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Be proud! Nawakara security personnel Wins The Best Learning Staff Award

Author: Nawakara Admin

Date : 05 November 2020

Jakarta – Security Personnel of the MRT Jakarta Project Nawakara (RO Jakarta) won the Best Learning Staff award from the Jakarta MRT Project. Adi Saputra, who won first place, served at Fatmawati MRT Station and Asep Abdul Muis, who won third place, served at Cipete Raya MRT Station. The award was given directly by the Jakarta MRT Region I Master Station, Chair Amin at the Lebak Bulus MRT Station Meeting Room, South Jakarta, Wednesday (21/10).

Chair Amin explained The Best Learning Staff is an award given by MRT Jakarta to Security Personnel, who achieved the highest score during the Learning Staff activity attended by 450 Security Personnel from all MRT Jakarta partners.

In this activity, Chair added, the Master Stations provide training to personnel. The training consist of many things. Such as First Aids & Harassment; Lost & Found and Disability Handling; Service Communication; and Station Rules; Complain Handling and Customer Type; AFC/Cash Handling & Fake Money; Core Value/Brand Value & 5R; and Passenger Rules & Safety. Then the training results will be tested on all personnel, and those who get the highest score are entitled to receive the Best Learning Staff award.

"From the final assessment results conducted by MRT Jakarta management, the three personnel with the highest score, two of which were won by Nawakara, were the first winner and the third winner. As a Master Station, I am proud and congratulations to Nawakara for this award," said Chair.

Jakarta MRT Project Leader Iskandar Zulkarnain said the award received by the Nawakara Security Personnel was a form of appreciation from MRT Jakarta to implement the results of the training provided in providing services to improve the quality of the Jakarta MRT Station.

With this Learning Staff activity, Iskandar added that the participants, especially the Nawakara Security Personnel, gained new knowledge in shaping perspective, building self-confidence when providing services to customers, and presenting good presentation material.

"To support the performance of our personnel, we also provide support and motivation to all security personnel at the Jakarta MRT Project. Such as internal training in line with the station's needs to provide a deeper understanding of carrying out their duties as security at the Jakarta MRT Station," concluded Iskandar.