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Nawakara 19th Anniversary

Author: Nawakara Admin

Date : 09 November 2015

This year on November 9th 2016 once more Nawakara is celebrating its anniversary. On the date 19 years ago Nawakara was founded and today have reached a size much larger than it was before. For this year’s anniversary, Nawakara Group’s owner and management had invited employees with their families to attend celebration event in Taman Safari Indonesia.

The event was opened by Chairman Drs. H.M. Hindarto and Chief Executive Officer Ir. DinoBimadwinandaHindarto. The celebration itself consist of several awards for best employees, Nawakara idol performance, Lunch and door prize. After the celebration at Taman Safari Indonesia Balairiung all employee together with owner and management spent the rest of day enjoying entertainment facilities on location.