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Nawakara Security Personnel Arrest the Cable Theft

Author: Nawakara Admin

Date : 04 August 2020

Kepulauan Meranti – Nawakara Security Personnel assigned to the Malacca EMP Project in collaboration with Merbau Sector Police succeeded in arresting cable thieves that steal in the Malacca EMP Project area, in Bagan Melibur Village, Merbau District, Kepulauan Meranti District, on Sunday (2/8).

The gang of thieves consists of 3 people who are residents of the Belitung Bay Village, Merbau District. They have been secured in the Merbau Police Station for further investigation, with evidence secured in the form of a saw blade, a machete blade, a wooden stick, a headlight, 151 pieces of cable which has been peeled and cut into pieces.

Malacca's EMP Project Manager, Alizar explained the chronology of the perpetrators' catch.  He said that the team that consists of Nawakara security personnel, Merbau Sector Police members led by BRIPKA Maradoni as Pamswakarsa Coordinator, conducted a raid to catch the gang of thieves.

"The raid was carried out on Sunday morning at around 00.30 West Indonesia Time. As soon as possible, I and the Malacca EMP Project Coordinator, Mr. Ishak went to Merbau Police Headquarters to check and process the information," said Alizar.

The BZ location that the thieves choose to act, had been inactive for several years. That's why the perpetrators did not really worry about being electrocuted. Now, the perpetrators have been dealt with by the Merbau Sector Police.