Living in a time of political, economic and social turmoil, we are constantly confronted by uncertainties. On the other hand, we need to be certain about the safety and security of our family, community and work place.

We at PT Nawakara persada Nusantara believe that, you can leave your worries behind. Our highly trained and highly skilled personnel will protect you and those valuable to you-at all times.

PT Nawakara persada Nusantara believes in a holistic approach to conducting our services.

We operate by combining various security methods and implementing carefully planned measures.

The experience and knowledge we have gained enables us to implement effective procedures supported by a reliable communication system and a wide range of equipment.

In order to deliver superior security services, we have adopted the following measurement to be applied during operations:

  • Complying with all applicable laws and regulations
  • Ensuring that every procedure associated with the operation is performed diligently in order to meet and surpass client expectations
  • Fulfilling and adhering to the clients requirement as inscribed within the contract
  • Recognizing employees as valuable resources Not only must we protect our clients, we are also responsible for ensuring the security and safety of our employees to they may deliver the best services. In all operations, they are requirement to employ personal protective equipment or PPE, such as safety shoes, safety helmets, respirators and ear plugs.

These values are inherent in each aspect of all development and operational activities. We believe that only by continuous quality improvement in health, environment and safety issues can we offer high-quality services.